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Question & Answer with Steve Kerridge

1/ First off, I am really looking forward to your forthcoming Way of the Dragon book. Would you consider doing a book on Enter the Dragon? Thanks for your time and best of luck with the book.

Steve Kerridge : Hello Nostic ... I have plans to do a series of books over the next year or so that will cover ALL the movies ... I must also add that as far as Enter the Dragon photos, my good friend DT is DA MAN !! when it comes to shots from Enter the Dragon ..What i will be doing will be covering a timeline of events which is basically what the current book has done..

2/ Regarding your upcoming book, I'm under the impression that it will focus on the film Way of The Dragon; is this correct? If not, what is it about? How will it differ from other Bruce Lee books we've seen (John Little's, for instance)? Is the Bruce Lee Estate giving it their backing? And, of course, can you give us a rough idea of when it will be released (is it finished?)?
Do I understand correctly that you are something of a major Bruce Lee collector? If so, how & why did you get started? What would you consider the "holy grail" as it were of Bruce Lee collectors? An autographed copy of his first book, maybe? Is the value of old Bruce material (pre-death magazines, for example) rising, staying the same, or going down? How is Bruce Lee as an icon holding up compared to, say, Marilyn Monroe or James Dean? Any predictions or suggestions as to when to think about selling?
Speaking of the old magazines, could you, perchance, recommend anyplace in the San Francisco area where I might go hunting for such items? I live a couple hours away from S.F. but I wouldn't mind making the trip if you could maybe recommend someplace in chinatown that sells old magazines, etc.. I've been to a store called The Magazine, but they rarely get anything really old, also found some nice current Bruce books in Japantown, but any suggestions would be appreciated.
Do you or have you practiced martial arts yourself? Just curious as to how common or uncommon it is for Bruce's fans to be practing martial artists themselves. Thanks very much for your time & responses. I'm looking forward to your book.

Steve Kerridge : The book covers the period in 1972 which included the Way of the Dragon, so its not purely just 'Way' and yes it has backing from The Estate. The release date will be announced soon, it's down to my publisher, so out of my hands. I've been a collector since 1973. The "holy grail" would be whatever is your bag .. with some its original photos, others its mags/books or figurines .... so really its a individual thing. To me the holy grail is info and dates, and thats what i have more than most and this is the basis of my books..I practice martial arts ( kickboxing ) since the age of ten yrs old, and actually run a gym and many of my students hold titles, one currently the World WKA welterweight champion. I regularly train in Thailand and promote events... so yes AND because of Bruce, i am heavily involved.

3/ Firstly, rumours have it you have an uncut Big Boss print with saw scene and you know the other scenes exist still with prositute etc. Is this true and please confirm that the "saw" scene exists?!
Secondly, when the hell can we fans see this if it does exist?
Thirdly, when is the next BL convention in London please? Loved the last one, itching for more. Scratch me please!!
Lastly, thank God you are saying to yourself, BBC doc/interview on the set of ETD, exists, speculations, or really is still out there some where? Bring it to us and you will be bigger to us BL fans than Robbie Williams when he was good.
Greg P

Steve Kerridge : Well.... i can assure you that YES the saw scene does exist, and cannot say anything else on the matter... believe me i've been approached by Hong Kong Legends and a few others who will pay good money, but because of my word, i will not bend..Convention ? Well...that could be around the corner, really depends on what happens over the next 6 to 8 months..BBC interview ..hmmm ..well, i have hunted this phantom footage with every effort possible and my conclusion is - It never existed in the first place...sorry to disappoint... and no one is bigger than Robbie hehe..

4/ The School of Chivalry trailer was never seen on the Hong Kong legends platinum Fist of Fury disc. I have heard that this was pulled at the last minute. Is this true? Will any new footage be seen in the near future from official sources. As for the Hong Kong television stuff, is it out there !!!!! Lastly,the floor above Kareem i've heard it was linda awaiting bruce along with photos of him leaving Ting Pei's apartment at 3.00 am !!!! the ultimate challenge. Temple of the estranged !!! Seriously guys keep up the good work. We are all REAL fans and want to be kept on the loop. many thanks.

Steve Kerridge : Hi .. The scenes in the trailer you mention were filmed the same week of the Big Boss premiere, i have the dates, so it would have been put together very quick ( which is common practice for the HK movie industry ) this WAS shot, but as with most of this material, most likely lost ...sorry. HKTVB - I have spoken on several occasions with the executive producer of TVB, and have it from the horses mouth that 'some total idiot' wiped the 1/4 inch video footage of Bruce, or at least it went missing. I have personally seen colour footage from the 'operation relief' show, and i can tell you it's crystal clear !!

5/ Can either of you confirm or deny the existence of this rumored behind the scenes footage and/or out-takes from Way of The Dragon? Have you or anyone you know (& would believe) actually seen any of it? If it does exist do you know of any plans to make it (or any other previously unseen rare Bruce footage) available to the public?
I'd be thrilled just to get my hands on cleaned up & complete/uncut versions of stuff we've already seen some of, specifically Ahna Capri's home movies from Enter the Dragon, & Robert Lee's behind the scenes of Game of Death footage (by the way, would he legally have the right to release that stuff even if he wanted to?). I'd also love to see better quality footage of Bruce & Dan Inosanto putting on their full-contact sparring demonstration (there seems to so little footage available of Bruce actually "fighting").

Steve Kerridge : Well ... this is always the 64 million dollar question, and i have had info from very reliable sources that there is footage out there, but the trouble is who owns what ? By this i mean, for one Fortune Star or the vaults of Raymond Chow ? .... now these people are 100% business and are in it for one thing - money, so where as you and i look at it from a fan, these people don't the same way that the original 'Man and Legend' carried more footage. Sorry i cannot give a clear cut answer to this and the reason is - I don't 100% know..

6/ Who among the current crop of martial arts movie stars do you guys like? Any particular martial arts movies we should be on the lookout for? Steve, I know you're a Bruce Lee fan, have you followed the film careers of any other martial artists. Personally I think Tony Jaa is the most impressive guy to come along since the Three Brothers at their peak in the 80s & early 90s (I thought Mark Dacascos had a lot of potential, too, but, like many others, he doesn't seem to've had much opportunity to live up to that potential... but, hey, Iron Chef America's nothing to sneeze at!).
Do you think Jackie Chan (I know this is site dedicated to Bruce Lee, Jackie was at least one of Bruce's stunt guys)should stop making action &/or martial arts movies? For me watching his movies lately feels like watching Ali, or Sugar Ray Leonard, or Evander Holyfield fighting past their prime; I'll always respect these guys as the great (Greatest?) fighters they were, but I wish they'd known when to call it quits.
Speaking of Bruce & Jackie, the book The Tao of the Dragon Warrior by Louis Chunovic features many, many sequential photos of diferent takes from the movies Enter the Dragon & Game of Death (including the take where Bruce accidently wacked Jackie with a stick, I believe... bottom of inside cover, is that a broken staff sailing through the air to the left of Bruce as Jackie crumples in the foreground?); would these photos from alternate takes indicate that those takes actually exist, or are these just still photos shot in sequence?. Bey, do stills photographers on movie sets usually take photos like that, that many? Thanks again, guys.

Steve Kerridge : Tony Jaa in Ong Bak for sure ...but think he has strayed a bit in his second outing with too much Jackie Chan style moves ... in Ong Bak he was 'direct' and to the point with total 'economy of motion' as Bruce would have said. I think Jackie Chan is great !! I have watched him since the days of the Chinese cinemas in Chinatown before he was known over here and admire his 'originality ... he's his own man ! Listen mate ...Warner Bros have major footage 100000%

7/ What, if anything are they going to do with it? Why are they just sitting on it? Have you spoken with Warner Bros? Thanks.

Steve Kerridge : What everyone has to realise is that Warners are a huge company and have many top stars and movies under their belt ... Bruce isn't top of the list, and they will only dig deep if they are earning big big bucks ....they are in it for the money and nothing else ... listen Enter the Dragon with 4 hours of outtakes wouldn't earn as much as say the latest Johnny Depp movie or whatever ...because its current. Sure Bruce earns them money, but what they will do is 'dripfeed'...its business sense unfortunately ..

8/ Just like my friend Peer stated in a post above, I do believe that yours will be the ultimate book on Bruce Lee's "The Way of the Dragon". I just saw the preview of some pages you posted on the 20th. Century Warriors' forum, and noticed a two page spread containing pictures of Bruce's visit to the set of "Hapkido". What I wanted to ask was if there will be other cross references to Lee's activities in 1972 while he was filming "Way" featured in your book?
My other question is this: would you consider working on similar books on "Fist of Fury", "The Big Boss", "The Game of Death" or "Enter the Dragon" in the distant future? I bet you would come up with brilliant results along the same lines as this new WOTD tome! Thank you so much for your answers and keep up your stunning work.

Steve Kerridge : Thank You Pedro for the praise, but please wait till you see the book, it will blow your mind !!As i said in a previous posting, the book covers the period and this will be April to August 1972, which is heavily Way of the Dragon period, but its not just a WOTD book,...more like a 'fly on the wall' book, showing events of that period ..the Hapkido section is cool, both of them..believe me, the other movies will be done or should i say timelines ... I have the info, so it will be used, not hidden away like some people tend to do.. you see there are a few that claim to know it all...well noboby knows it all, most probably even Bruce if he was around ... the memory fades... but what i have will please you... i promise.

9/ Wow! The book looks great! The "Legends of..." implies that more than one "legend" may be covered; I think someone else has already asked this, but is a series of books in the works?
Also, who from "Way of The Dragon" was interviewed for this book? I'm particularly curious as to whether Chuck Norris & Bob Wall were cooperative; get the feeling Chuck Norris in particular has gotten tired of Bruce Lee questions, must feel like he's still in Bruce's shadow. Who could blame him? Bruce didn't live long enough for the general public to ever really get to know him as a human being, he is indeed a legend, at least as much imaginary as mere mortal. Chuck, on the other hand, has had plenty of time to make some not so great movies (along with his better ones), & age like anyone else.

Steve Kerridge : A series ?? YES !! I have covered many people in this book from studio hands on the set, friends and colleagues in HK and the U.S.... plus many archive material that has been saved from the ravages of time so to Italy.

10/ Hi mate and my thanks for coming today to answer fans questions. Much appreciated I'm really looking forward to the new book. Who was involved in the making of the book and can you give me a brief description of the contents?
Regarding Betty Ting Pei. How did you find her? Did she tell you much about BL the real man? Did she recall anything about her role in Game of Death or the filming?

Steve Kerridge : Firstly, i'd like to thank you for inviting me to this Q&A and to be honest i am flattered to have been asked, as usually this isn't my thing, as i'm just a fan, although it be a longtime one ( got the grey hair to prove it )... the book will i'm sure please the fans as well as the casual film buff and casual Bruce Lee people that happen to just walk into a bookstore and think ..Ah Bruce Lee, he was great !! Must get this book type of see its so easy to only see it from our point of view as 'superfans' ... but we are a minority..... anyway, I have interviewed as i said in previous posting many people involved with Bruce from this period and have travelled to HK and Europe... and i must add that my good friend David Tadman has really given me so much along with Yori Nakamura and a lot of other top collectors from around the globe..I met Betty Ting Pei thru DT and Robert Lee, She spoke to me in length regarding 'Yellow Faced Tiger' and 'Game of Death' ... don't want to say too much because of future projects ...

My thanks to Steve for an excellent Q&A and my best wishes for his new book. It looks amazing. Photos on this page courtesy of Steve Kerridge.
My thanks to fans who asked questions - Nostic, Bruce Jensen, Mike, Greg P, Pedro & Tom Britt.

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