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Question & Answer with Victor Moore

Above Photo - Bruce Lee demonstrating his unstoppable punch with Victor Moore at Ed Parker's Long Beach Karate Internationals in 1967. (Thanks to Glass for excellent photo)

1. How did you first meet Bruce Lee and what were your impressions?

Victor Moore : I met Bruce Lee at the 1967 Long Beach International tournament. I was selected by Robert Trias to work with Bruce on the demo. Bruce was a good martial artist.

2. How would you rate Bruce Lee as a martial artist? Did you work out together?

Victor Moore: I would say Bruce was in the same league as all of the other karate champions of that time. We only worked together that day. After the demo, we worked off the side trading techniques.

3. Can you please tell me what happened at the Long Beach Tournament in 1967 and what Bruce was demonstrating with you?

Victor Moore : We were demonstrating speed punches. Most in the crowd that day would consider it a draw.

4. Did Bruce share any of his thoughts with you on martial arts and what is your own opinion about his art of 'Jeet Kune Do'?

Victor Moore : We talked at some length, however, I did not study Jeet Kune Do and did not formulate an opinion. I'm too much into the 'traditional' arts, having trained under many, including Bill Dometrich and Robert Trias.

5. Were you good friends with Bruce Lee? How do you feel about his legendary status in the world of martial arts?

Victor Moore : I did not get to know him that well. I felt good about his legendary status, it helped karate to grow.

Thanks so much for all your help and please pass on my best wishes to Victor Moore and my sincere thanks.

Victor Moore : Thank you for your interest.

My sincere thanks to Mark Rowe who kindly arranged this Q&A with karate legend Victor Moore. Here's a link to his site :-

Victor Moore's Site

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