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Our good friend David Tadman, author and historian of Bruce Lee, answers your questions. Sit back, relax and be amazed :)

On Rare Footages

1/ Recently footage was discovered from 'The Way of the Dragon.' Is this the 20 mins of behind the scenes and do you know who has it?

David Tadman (DT): I have been told be very reliable sources that yes, this does exist and certain people are negotiating to use it in a few projects. I believe it to be true.

2/ The 'Fist Of Fury' promo trailer with Bruce vs Bob Baker. Does this exist?

DT: That does exist and might come to light very soon. There are parties that be that want it for a project scheduled to come out.

3/ There are rumours that the BBC interviewed Bruce on the set of 'Enter the Dragon' back in 1973 and that they still have the footage in their vaults?

DT: Yes, this is true. John Saxon mentioned it to me, because he was in it. There is audio as well. Steve Kerridge is trying to locate it in the UK.

4/ Recently they've discovered footage from Elvis Presley in a martial arts movie with Ed Parker and also new Bruce Lee footage. Is this footage from Long Beach 1967?

DT: It is 67 in color close up great condition. Don Warner at Rising Sun Productions in Los Angeles owns it, but it was released at a convention years ago in Japan. It's great.

5/ I've read that there is footage of Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen training together. Bob Wall said that he has it, also JR Goodman said that he has seen it but the quality is terrible. What do you think?

DT: Let me put it this way, if Bob Wall had it, it would have been used by now in a documentary like "Curse of the Dragon." As far as JR, I doubt it unless you heard it from him personally. I know footage exists, because Robert Lee filmed them both as he filmed the backyard workouts as well.

6/ In 'The Big Boss' there is supposedly a scene where Bruce kills someone using a saw, and was shown in early showings of the film but was later cut. Could you give us any information about if this is now deleted altogether?

DT: Yes, I am aware of this scene and others that were cut for different reasons, depending on the different laws each country has that determines if violence or sex and it's degree of how much can be shown. I have seen the uncut version through Fred Weintraub. Fred has all of Bruce Lee's films in the original state uncut, because he was sent the films from Hong Kong by Raymond Chow to show what kind of actor / star Bruce was in HK, so Fred and Paul Heller can determine if they wanted to use him for Enter the Dragon. The footage still exists and I believe that Steve Kerridge of the UK has a print as well. I hope Hong Kong Legends will come out with the uncut version in the near future.

7/ What pictures do you have of the Game of Death 'log' sequence? And again is the footage deleted?

DT: I personally have no pictures of this scene. I have scene many in old magazines. Once again, Steve Kerridge has many of these pictures. Actually, this is probably where my pictures are the weakest, this particular log scene is hard to acquire, but I am sure George Tan has plenty as well. I have many pictures from Game of Death that are very rare, but I am sorry to say I do not have the ones you would like to see. If I do come across them, I will post them for you. I have seen the log scene footage though and know who has the complete log scene, but at this time I can't mention who has it, but lets just say, someone who was in one of the levels has that footage and was given that footage while he was in Hong Kong.

8/ What rare footage, object and pictures have you seen?

DT: I have seen rare Game, ETD, Boss, FOF, home workouts, talk show stuff and have had many opportunities to listen to audiotapes. All I have mentioned here have not been released out yet.

9/ Are you aware of any footage existing of Bruce Lee from Madison Square Garden in the Summer of 1967?

DT: I have not personally seen any of this, but from what I understand and hear, Jerry Simon who used to work at BB magazine at that time claims she knows footage exists. I can't say for sure if it was at the Gardens, but I do know for sure she said there is footage that exists that was taken in New York. In my opinion it was publicity, Green Hornet related. She has an incredible collection of photos taken in New York in 67 with Bruce at a strange looking press conference. Maybe that is the day.

10/ Which Hong Kong TV footage have you seen on Bruce and what was the quality like?

DT: I have seen something very cool from one of the producers at TVB HK. When I was doing Tale of the Dragon documentary, he showed me footage of Bruce at the Kai Tak airport returning from Thailand shooting Big Boss and Bruce was answering questions in Cantonese. I saw about three to four minutes of it, but the guy said it ran longer.

11/ I know for a fact that the MANDARIN version of the documentary "Bruce Lee: The Man & the Legend" has the log scene footage (I personally know someone who has seen it back in the early 80's at GH studios) as well as many Chinese interviews. However this version seems to have disappeared, is there any attempts to locate this version of this documentary?

DT: All that stuff in BLM&TL is still owned by Golden Harvest. Raymond Chow is sitting on some gold and will do nothing with it for some reason. Hong Kong Legends has asked for it, Media Asia has offered to buy it and so has Fortune Star, but no one gets any reply from Chow and I will tell you why. When Media Asia bought out most of the GH film library from Raymond chow a few years back, for a very cheap price, Chow never new the incredible value of these films and that included the 93-minute outtakes of GOD as well. It was only after Chow realized these films were being re-mastered and resold around the world making millions, that he tried to muscle his way in getting those films back from Media Asia, etc. Obviously, he could not do this Now, Chow just sits on everything he has and does nothing with it. I will tell you what though, I will make a conscious effort to see if I can get a copy of this footage from the person I know, to see if they will let HKL use it in something. I have nothing to loose in asking and to be honest, I have never thought about it before until you brought to my attention. Bey Logan would know as well, so lets see what I can do in the near future.

12/ Is there more pagoda footage? I've read somewhere that Bruce almost had done the fight between him and Wong In Sik on the first floor?

DT: I hear different things from the ones on set, but they all seem to think that footage was shot. I do not know this to be true. I spoke to Bey Logan a while ago and he told me there was more footage out there then what has been released. He is the one really to ask about that. He was privy to all the footage, because he found most of it, but that does not mean more was not found after he left GH.

13/ I have pictures from Bruce and Inosanto and Wu- Ngan practicing in Bruce's backyard in Kowloon for G.O.D. - is there also footage?

DT: Pictures, you mean screen captures right? I posted two a while ago and I am the only source for this footage, because I found it and have transferred it. It is great and rare and has audio. This is practice footage shot by Bruce at his house in Kowloon for GOD. This was shot the day Sifu Dan Inosanto arrived for filming.

14/ What do you know about the demo's and interviews from Bruce on the HK TVB 1970- 1973. Does more footage exist? I've heard some exists! Or is it at the Shaw Brothers vaults?

DT: It exists. I did a documentary a while ago and worked with two producers from TVB. I asked them about the footage and they sad yes, it does exist. They want an enormous amount of money to let others use it. They also had plans of coming out with all the interviews on a DVD. Not sure what the outcome will be.

15/ You previously mentioned in one of these posts that footage of Bruce on Seattle TV exists & is presently being located. I have an interview with Margaret Walters (Hawaii newspaper 1975) in which she was asked about this. She said that many people asked the TV station for the footage & they said it was their (company) policy to destroy them. What does she know we may ask but can you shed light on this?

DT: This footage was of Bruce and Taky demonstrating Chi Sao as well as using the wooden dummy, etc. It aired on a Thursday News station. I do not know the time. Taky thinks he might have a copy of it filmed by Doug Palmer. Bruce had it filmed.

16/ The Green Hornet screen test that Bruce did in front of the green background (again shown in A&E bio). Where is this and what does Bruce do?

DT: I think you are speaking of the costume screen test where Bruce from the neck up is looking at the camera and at the very end he makes a movement with his hands. This film was found by a man that was part of a cleaning crew on set of the Green Hornet. He had it for years until a guy name Randy Wong bought it from him and then later used it in some projects. You can notice Bruce moving his face to see how the mask fits. Hopefully you are speaking of this footage. I have a reel of it that Wong gave me years back. It is a nice piece.

17/ Did Bruce film the ground floor fight scene against the Karate men? If so, was he in his yellow tracksuit and did you see pictures of it ?

DT: Wu Ngan said that he did shoot some footage with Bruce outside with other men. I do not know if that is what we can see in the popular pictures out there, or it means something else. I am also learning more about it myself from Wu Ngan, but his daughter's do all the translations, so it takes time for me to get a response. I will let you know as soon as I do.

18/ There were rumours that Bruce filmed the first floor fight against Whang-In-Sikh (aka Hwang In-Shik) but why are there no pictures of it ? Did you see any pictures of it ?

DT: This is strange and according to Dan Inosanto, they did film more things and remebers Sikh flying in to do work, but who really knows. There is a search going on right now by a certain someone I know who is searching for other GOD footage. Lets hope and see. Bruce also sent some really rare pictures to Taky and Inosanto from the filming of GOD in where his is fighting Kareem, etc. The reason for this was, Bruce wanted to show Inosanto and Taky what he was doing before they came and shot their own scenes. Some of the pix are strange though and very rare. I am trying to piece it together, but I will say that a lot of those pix had some New Territories stuff going on.

19/ What is the last footage from Bruce on camera ? Is it the GOD footage or ETD footage ( In Han's Trophy room ) or his last interview on July 10th 1973 ?

DT: No one knows for sure, but I feel it was the last interview he did on TVB 1973. According to Wu Ngan, Bruce, he and some others shot some footage at Bruce's home in his front yard two to three days before Bruce passed away. I can't say though if this is true, but I trust Ngan.

20/ Did you believe that John Little put the right story on 'A Warrior's Journey' dvd ? And did you like the dvd and the footage ? I found it was great stuff !

DT: Well, I will just say this, I wish I could have seen certain things done to better clarify what was going on. You see, John Little did not have all the notes Bruce wrote on GOD to work off of. John Little never contacted Inosanto for certain reasons at that time to go through his notes to see what Bruce was doing GOD related, and for sure, I feel Inosanto has the most complete notes from Bruce on the GOD project. I thought the finished product is not what Bruce wanted to do as far as what he wanted to include in the fights. I have seen and heard different things to counter-act what John Little did. It was entertaining to me, but not filling enough for me. Let's face it though, I will not player hate, Little was the Bruce Lee man at that time, but to be honest, you can say all you want to about him, he still did the job to the best of his ability and I really feel he was sincere with his work. I have to tell you though, George Tan probably has the most information out there on what happened that was GOD related. I am not in any way trying to put Tan as the man here, but he really did the leg work back in the day before anyone else did, and had he done the documentary, it would have been a different story all together in my opinion.

21/ In an interview Gene LeBell claims that on the set of The Green Hornet he used to pick up Bruce Lee and sling him over his shoulder several times, and that he has a tape of it somewhere in his house. Have you ever heard of this and did you ever see the footage?

DT: Gene is what you call a gentle giant, but is a very dangerous man. For years, Gene says he has this footage, but no one I have known, who knows him, has seen this footage. I think he is telling the truth though. Gene told me once that he does not want to show certain things like this, because he does not want to tarnish Bruce's image. But Gene also said that Bruce became wise to how he was getting Bruce into holds, etc. and then Bruce would really hurt Gene while filming to get back at him, so it was a back and forth thing with both of them. They did have respect for one another I know that much is true.

22/ In 'Enter the Dragon' the secret agent Mei-Ling ( Betty Chung ) had set free the prisoners but you never saw the fight scenes with the guards is this also a deleted scene ?

DT: Yes, this was filmed according to Fred Weintraub and Paul Heller as well as Gill Hubbs. I have a few images from this scene as well.

23/ I have a question regarding the "outdoor" 'Game of Death' footage of Bruce Lee. According to you it does exist, but according to George Tan it does not exist. Who is right ?

DT: The reason I say there is outdoor footage is because of my interviews with Sifu Dan Inosanto who says there were many things filmed outside in the New Territories, be it for the film, or be it for promotional, or maybe practice stuff, I don't know, but he says he at one time was holding the camera when Bruce was being filmed. Betty Ting Pei claims she was there at least one of the days they were shooting outside and saw camera's or camera. Also my conversations with Ngan Jai, Wu Ngan have also suggested they were filming as well, but with Ngan Jai, he says he is confused a bit, because there was a shoot he did outside with Bruce while Bruce was wearing a suit, posing with he and others while in karate uniforms and he says that footage was supposed to be for 'Enter the Dragon' and then there is the footage when Bruce is wearing no top, etc. outside in the New Territories and knows for fact that was for 'Game'. I have seen some footage, but not much, that Robert Lee has that shows Bruce outside swinging the chucks once at Sifu Dan along with some other stuff. Be that Bruce's personal footage or something else, we are trying to put tobether the pieces. George Tan has obviously done the research, long before me or some others out there, but I feel that does not mean the footage does not exist.

24/ Do you know how long (running time) the footage is of Lee, Inosanto and Wu-Ngan rehearsing fight scenes for 'Game of Death' in Lee's backyard? Have you actually seen the footage, and if yes, how is the qality ?
DT: Yes, I have seen it and actually found it. It runs for thirty minutes and it is pretty cool. Peer, Nick and some others have seen it as well. Quality is great and sound perfect.

25/ There is meant to be footage of Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen visiting a karate tournament. Have you seen it?

DT: No, I have not seen the footage, but I am sure someone has it. According to Robert, Linda Lee had a lot of that type of footage at one time and was thrown away. It was on AKAI VIDIOO TAPE, which looks like audio tape. I hope it will come to light though.


DT: That footage belongs to Allin Joe who was Bruce's friend and student. He has more of the footage.

On Forthcoming Projects

1/ When is there coming a new Bruce Lee documentary with rare footage?

DT: I am working on something that will show hopefully the full Ahna Capri footage and other things like that GOD footage I found. Lets see what happens.

2/ Have you any plans to interview Lou Gossett Jnr or James Garner?

DT: I have interviewed Garner three years ago and will use it in the future, Jr. would be cool, but I have not really put much thought into it. I am doing David Soul soon and a famous rock band of the 60's who Bruce trained.

3/ Have you interviewed any of the Chinese actors from Bruce Lee's martial art films, if so would you care to dispense with any interesting anecdotes that they may of come out with?

DT: Yes I have, and I will be using those interviews in the 1970-1973 book. I have some good stuff there. Though I have some good info from those actors Hong Kong side, people like Paul Li, Simon Leung have really hit the pavement so to speak in their search to know more about Bruce's Hong Kong life. Even Tan has had some great interviews with many of those actors that knew Bruce. I wish I had the time to stay in HK to really look up everyone and get all their personal anecdotes to share with everyone.

4/ Any plans to interview Roman Polanski?

DT: I wish I could ask him why he turned the detectives from his wife's murder over to investigate Bruce? I would love to interview him about Bruce and actually, Robert has corresponded with him to try and set a phone interview up. Hope it happens. I will just have to make sure there are no young girls around. Just a joke...

5/ I've heard that Warner Bros has a huge array of photos from 'Enter the Dragon' & correspondence letters to and from Bruce. Do you think Warner Bros will ever release these in a book format?

DT: Funny you should ask, I am working with Paul Heller and others to make this happen. The idea was turned down twice, but now we are taking it from a different angle. It might happen. Unfortunately, Warners won't show any writings from Bruce, because Concord Moon will go after them. That is of course, if they are not involved. Very political.

6/ What do you think will be the most eagerly anticipated event or release in Bruce lee fandom for us fans in the future?

DT: The release of all Bruce Lee's interviews with TVB HK, etc. on DVD. Other footage like the Way of the Dragon behind the scenes footage and the Henry Wong footage as well. They have all been long awaited.

7/ When is your interview with Wu Ngan being released?

DT: I will be using the complete interview with Ngan Jai in Robert's last of four books, 1970-1973. I am speaking with him again soon to ask a few more questions.

8/ Do you know when John Saxon's book is coming out with his wonderful personal photos from Enter the Dragon?

DT: I am working on the book with John now. We are in the beginning stages and keep finding more and more negatives. Lucky me I guess. I am sure next year will be a release with the book. I will keep everyone updated who is interested.

9/ Are you going to release footage in the future featuring Bruce Lee in his backyard in Kowloon were he, Dan Inosanto and Wu-Ngan did rehearsal fight scenes for The Game Of Death ?

DT: We are working on the right avenue for the footage. Perhaps a platinum edition DVD on GOD. There's also a 'Fist of Fury' platinum edition from Hong Kong Legends.

10/ Hello, I've read about your "quest" for the extended print of The Big Boss and how both Fred Weintraub and Steve Kerridge may be your two top sources. When I read this, you stated that you were just going through Weintraub's collection at the time. I was curious, was there any progress with this in finding the extended print? I first heard about this print in 1998 when I saw the English dubbed version of the infamous Mandarin trailer and have been hoping for it to come out ever since. This being said, I wish you the best of luck in finding it and hope that you will be able to help HKL release a Big Boss 2-disc edition worthy of having the "Platinum Edition" label.

DT: Hi, I guess it is work in progress. I have been really busy with other things and have really not been back to Weintraubs, though I will be interviewing him for a project very soon and then will get to work on finding what I saw a while ago. Ted Ashley also had a copy and Linda Palmer who was his wife at that time is trying to locate the film for me. I hope it all works out and the film sees the light of day.

11/ Do you have any information concerning a deleted scene from way of the dragon : bruce looking at a venus statue with nora miao at her apartment?

DT: The only information I have on deleted scenes is that Fortune Star has everything. According to Peter Poon at FS, he told me they found three reels of footage in the can that originaly came from Golden Harvest and that he feels there are many scenes and outtakes within those reels. Not sure what they are going to do with them. I know there is something good in there, because there has been a lot of negotiation happening behind the scenes.

12/ Will the footage of Bruce Lee that JhoonRhee and Ed Parker have ever be available?

DT: I know that Ed Parker Jr. and Jhoon Rhee are always looking to use their footage in a good project. It seems that years ago, people like Jhoon and Ed would freely give their footage out to be used in different projects, but after knowing its value and how money is being made off the footage, they seem to be cautious in whom uses their footage, meaning, they rather use it in a project they produce. Lets hope it is released eventually.

General Information

1/ What was George Lazenby's role in 'The Game of Death'?

DT: From the notes I have seen through Dan Inosanto, he was supposed to be some type of philosopher / poet / mythical type of guru. Bruce's script was changing it seemed every day.

2/ Do you know which was Bruce Lee's last photo? There is one of Bruce holding a picture of the Rolls Royce that he ordered not long before he passed away. Have you seen or do you have this one? Is this his last? There was some dispute about the Rolls as it was supposed to be ordered, reported in the newspapers, but the company after Bruce's passing deny that it had been ordered. Raymond Chow rushed to make a statement that Bruce had more than enough money to afford the Rolls.

DT: The Rolls Royce pictures were not the last to be taken in my opinion. The last known pictures to be taken were taken by a Japanese tourist / fan that had visited the Golden Harvest Studios two weeks before Bruce passed away. You might have seen some of the pictures. Black and White with Bruce making numerous poses near lights surrounding a theatrical set. They have been posted by some others and me in the past. Also, there is an interview conducted by TVB with Bruce and in that interview Bruce speaks on ETD. There are pictures in old magazines that show that interview. A producer I know who works for TVB said he saw it and hopefully it will be put on a DVD compilation of all Bruce's TVB interviews in the future. I guess the truth is, we will never really know what and when the very last picture was taken, but at least we have some type of idea. Bruce did order that Rolls before he started production on Enter the Dragon. My conversations with Fred Weintraub, Paul Heller and even John Saxon have told me that Bruce before production was telling each of them in how he ordered the car and how the color of the car was going to be the best color in the world. When asked to Bruce what is the color, he said, "The only car in the world baby, Gold."

3/ In the documentary, A Warrior's Journey, it shows Bruce's daytime diary and they show Bruce's last day 20th July and the 20th September with the note in the diary "Game" next to this date. I am guessing this has something to do with George Lazenby returning to Hong Kong to film Game of Death. Now in Letters of the Dragon book, there is a letter to/or from Shaws brothers about a film project for Bruce, do you known anything about this? Wouldn't Bruce doing a movie for Raymond Chow's big rival cause a lot of trouble? And was this the period photos (or the jade photos as they are sometimes called) we see Bruce posing for?

DT: Yes, Bruce had written down in other sources his meetings that day for Game. I spoke with Betty Ting Pei and got her take on the day, since she was with him all day long from lunch on actually. She even told me what he ate that day. Anyway, if we are going to believe her, she says that on that day, it was all production meetings having to do with Game of Death. As far as Shaw Brothers, yes, Bruce was in negotiations with the Brothers to do a film. When Bruce was filming Enter the Dragon, he and Saxon went to the Shaw Studios to meet with the brothers and Bruce told Saxon, if they can pay millions of dollars to Marlon Brando in America, then the Shaw Brothers will do the same for me. Bruce did two shoots, one in black and white that was a test shoot at Golden Harvest and the last shoot in color at Shaw Studios, the one with Bruce much thinner and in very colorful garb. Bruce had two deals going. One was called the Bamboo Warrior in which that was supposed to be the name and then there was a film to be called Sai Fong that he approved by a writer who is still in HK, a female who was paid by Bruce and Golden Harvest to write the script back in 1973. I also saw Warner Brothers correspondence with Bruce while he was filming ETD and it showed that they wanted Bruce to start a new project right after ETD finished and Bruce agreed to do it. Another spy film I believe.

4/ If Bruce were alive today, what do you think he would make of today's films?

DT: I personally think Bruce would like many of the story lines in dramatic films, especially films that have to do with philosophy and the human condition. As far as martial arts films, I think he would find that they fall short in their content and just show violence for violence sake. I do feel he would love the action / martial arts of this new star called Tony Ja. He is a no wire trick actor and stays true to the old Hong Kong ways of action / martial arts flicks. I really feel that Bruce would want to direct Tony Ja in a film of his own.

5/ How did Betty Ting Pei meet Bruce?

DT: According to Betty and what she told me, she was at a hotel in Hong Kong having dinner with others and Bruce walked out from an elevator into the hallway. She first saw him in that manner. She then was introduced to Bruce by Raymond Chow later on. Betty knew Raymond and many entertainment people firstly through her mother.

6/ Was Bruce's training and eating different in Hong Kong to USA?

DT: I really do not know his eating habits in Hong Kong, but coming from Nancy Kwan who had dinner with him the night before he passed away, and also eating with Betty, Bruce liked a lot of fruit, especially bananas and oranges as well as a lot of sushi. Betty said they ate at their favorite Japanese place all the time. I guess he was eating normally.

7/ Do you know anything about his workouts in Hong Kong? And what he was eating? I heard he was putting steak in a blender?

DT: Yes, I do know a lot about his workouts in HK, he worked out with John Saxon during Enter the Dragon and Sammo Hung on occasion. From what Saxon said to me, Bruce was into a lot of self imagine as part of his workout regime. Saxon also said that Bruce brought him into a room he had outside in back at the house in Kowloon. Bruce had tin foil all over the walls and windows with a red light hanging from the ceiling. Bruce told John, �this is where I come to unwind and meditate, saying the tin-foil helped keep his Chi in the room while he trains and meditates. Bruce felt that the tin foil and light generated Bruce's internal Chi and kept it in his body by it reflecting off the walls. It sounds strange, but at that time, there were books on this subject and a famous professor that promoted this type of thing. I have heard nothing in regards to him blending a steak, but many in those days did, especially the boxers in the 50's.

8/ Did Bruce have his axillary sweat glands removed in November 1972; can you shed light on this?

DT: Yes, the glands were removed and Betty Ting Pei was with him while the procedure was done. That of course is what she told me. I think the date is wrong though. According to Betty it was for looks, meaning, without sweat-glands under the arms, you are not appearing on camera to sweat. I think it was as simple as that. To be honest, all we have heard about these glands are second hand information, so how could we be sure unless we were there ourselves.

9/ Any idea what happened to the props from The Game of Death, Bruce's tracksuit,his nunchucks and co stars outfits?

DT: From what I have heard from others in Hong Kong, much of that stuff was destroyed, but there are a few that claim they have set pieces from GOD, FOF and ETD. Bob Wall has tons of the yellow karate uniforms from ETD as well as the flags that were on the lawns / grounds, as well as the patches of Han's guards. Linda has the real black catsuit and yellow tracksuit. She sold only the duplicates at auction, but she has the real stuff at home. Just ask Jeff Chinn who bought Bruce's blue Kung Fu uniform from ETD. He thought he bought the real deal until he saw the real one hanging in a display at one of the Educational Foundations events. Man, he was upset at that. Robert has some cool goods as well. He has the Kung Fu shoes from ETD as well as the Uniform from FOF.

10/ What was the inside scoop about the infamous July 10th fight with Lo Wei. Rumors were that Bruce after hearing Lo Wei say he was the cause of Bruce's stardom, chased him down, got into argument and pulled a knife on him and finally the police were called and Bruce signed some note that he would not hurt Lo Wei and that evening he went on Hong Kong TV for what turn out to be his last filmed performance. Now wasn't Lo Wei linked with the triads and a rather large gambler? And wasn't there meant to be a third Bruce and Lo Wei film but Bruce pulled out and made Raymond form Concord with him and film "Way of the Dragon" without Lo Wei? Now I also recalled something about Jackie Chan running into some trouble in the late 70's with the triads and Lo Wei and being moved to America until Raymond Chow paid a rather large sum of money? Know anything about this?

DT: Lo Wei was connected big time, but the argument came because Bruce wanted freedom in doing what he knew best. How to choreograph and direct himself. They had a fight, but it is obvious Bruce got his way in the end. Yes, the cops were sent, which showed how big of a baby Wei was. Wei did not get any triad guys on Bruce then, just the cops I guess. Jackie did have trouble, but I do not know the extent of what happened with him.

11/ What ever happened to all the items in the World of Bruce Lee Museum?

DT: Well, it seems that the items that Grace Lee and Robert Lee let Norman borrow have been sold by him or put into hiding. What a shame, but that's OK, because Robert has tons of great items he hopes to put on display in the near future in China.

12/ Hello DT, have you heard of "Lee Yuen Kam" name as Bruce's personal Chinese name? I couldn't find any reliable source of this name, beside poorly informed Polish articles. Bruce had lots of names but I simply can't find this one in any biography or document (there are only mentioned following names: Jun Fan, Sai Phon, Siu Long and Mo Si Tung - am I right?). Thank you for your time. Milo

DT: Lee Yuen Kam was a name Bruce made up for himself according to Robert and Phoebe Lee for really no particular reason they claim. They say that the name has no specific meanning and that Bruce signed as well as came up with different names maybe for stage purposes. The spelling on the other names are off, you might want to check.

13/ Please Confirm If Bruce did sign promototional stuff for 'Enter the Dragon' as a lot of experts say No he didn't?

DT: I personally have only seen one thing signed with Bruce's name and notes and that was his personal 'Enter the Dragon' script. I have never seen any other 'Enter the Dragon' material that Bruce signed. Every fake I have seen are fake signatures on photo stills that were printed after Bruce passed away. I have a time sheet from Warner Bros when promotional stills, negatives, slides, trans, etc. were all given out for that promotion of 'Enter' and it seems that the fake signed goodies I have seen are stills after the fact. But of course, that is my experience.

14/ According to Tom Bleecker, 'Way of the Dragon' was a failure at the Hong Kong box office. This again seems very unlikely. Any truth in Tom's statement?

DT: : Well, we all know now that this is not the truth. It was his highest grossing film at that time, so in my opinion that is not the case. I know that 'Enter the Dragon' in Hong Kong was not taken in so well by the locals.

15/ What do you know about Bruce's unfinished film scripts like Silent Flute, Bamboo Warrior, Southern Fist/Northern Legs. Will these scripts be filmed or come out in book form?

DT: Yes, Bruce Lee had many unfinished script projects going on. 'Bamboo Warrior' and 'Southern Fist' are the same story line. 'Silent Flute' later on became very close to what Bruce wanted to do in 'Game of Death'. Bruce had many names for his film ideas and sometimes it gest confusing, because two names can be related to one project that Bruce Lee had in mind. Anything to do with those scripts are owned by the Bruce Lee Estate and only they can decide if there is something to be done. I know that Shannon Lee took a script around that Bruce wrote and shopped it in Hollywood. I heard that she changed some things around within the script and was trying to pitch it around in the industry. Actually, John Little was supposed to take care of that, but he left the workings of the Estate before that could happen. I have heard it is kind of dead in the water. While Bruce was filming 'Enter the Dragon', he was corresponding with Ted Ashley at Warner Brothers on many subjects, one being that Warner Bros wanted Bruce to start pre-production on another film, now known to be Bamboo Warrior, etc. Bruce went to Shaw Studios with John Saxon and while there we all know now that Bruce took some pictures in Chinese traditional costumes. Those images were supposed to go back to WB so they could see how Bruce looked. WB never got to see all those images. I have seen the correspondance between WB and Bruce. It is pretty cool. Also, when Robert Lee was in Hong Kong for his book signing, he met a woman who was paid to develop a script by Bruce and Raymond Chow during the filming of 'Enter the Dragon'. The now script is still in the hands of this woman in HK and it is called 'Sai Fong'. It seems that the costume shoot could have been for this project that was also called 'Bamboo Warrior'. It is an incredible script. According to this woman, Bruce said OK to the finished product. It would have been nice to see that film come to life.


DT : Well, what can I say, I did not really like it. I mean Bruce breaking his back in a fight that happen with masters in a cave, etc. Bruce messed up his back lifting weights at his house. I feel it did not give the whole truth. I know it is a love story, etc. But there was much, much more to Bruce than what the film showed. How about being a man that overcame many obstacles. Well, who knows what the motivations were. As far as another film about Bruce Lee, ESPN here in America contacted me in regards to helping on a film they are doing about Bruce and his life. I, Robert and Phoebe Lee turned down their offer. But there will be another BL film / mini series coming for sure..

17/ Did Bruce also fight Yang Sze (Bolo) in the outdoor scenes for 'Game of Death'? He was going to be the hulky figure in front of the pagoda maybe the leader of the karateman?

DT: I never heard about this and Bolo said he had nothing to do with 'Game of Death', when I interviewed him.

18/ What was the next level above Kareem, and why did Bruce not go up?

DT: From what I have seen in notes, etc., Kareem is the highest level and beyond that is a prize of wisdom and self, the ultimate treasure. Kareem was it, they shot his footage, as for the the top level. I do not know if they shot a higher level in which Bruce gets the prize, I doubt they had the time to film that.

On his Death

1/ I' m somewhat sketchy on the dates but can you tell me what year Bruce started using the hash/cannabis? I'm interested because they found it in his stomach at the autopsy. In your opinion was the death drug related?

DT: Bruce was introduced to Cannabis / hash in and around 1968-69 through a few people by the names of James Coburn, Steve McQueen and one other who I wont mention because he is a friend of mine and was an old student and friend of Bruce Lee's. To me, if Bruce were doing those types of drugs in 68-69, he would not pass away from those same drugs in 1973. Actually, that would make him the first ever who had passed away from those particular drugs. At least, that is what the Dr. report said. Now, that does not mean he could not overdose with those particular drugs, but that would be hard if it was at your own hands so to speak. I think you would actually fall asleep on cannabis before you, yourself, could take a lethal dose.

2/ Was the cerebral edema caused by an allergic reaction to a certain hash rather than from an equagesic tablet which he had taken for years and not on May 10th either when he had his first brain edema?

DT: I will state my belief and say that any edema was not caused by cannabis or pill. I believe something else caused the swelling.

3/ Was Bruce Lee's dramatic weight loss from 1972 to his death caused by using a bad form of Nepalese hash? Dr Peter Wu said that it was the only possible reason for his May 10th collapse and had apparently told Bruce to stop using it.

DT: My belief is that Bruce did not have any reaction to at least these following drugs, cannabis and or Hashish in any form. He was doing these drugs since the late 60's and obviously knew his limitations. He was also eating hashish brownies, so he knew the outcome of that form of use a swell. Let me just say if a doctor from the UK or United States said the cause of death was because of the use of these drugs, then I would have to agree, but the simple truth is, there has not been one professional doctor that is the head of any department here in the U.S. or European countries that claim Bruce's death was related to any drugs relating to the ones mentioned above. That does not mean that any certain foreign substance / chemical could have been added to what Bruce ingested without his knowledge. People take drugs all the time that have been laced with another foreign substance that gives them a reaction and the end result is either death or bad reaction that leaves them in the hospital emergency room. Lets just remember that Bruce was only sick in Hong Kong and not here in the U.S. He almost dies once and came here for a check up to the top doctor of neurology at UCLA, he happened to be Paul Heller's doctor, the producer of ETD. They found no cause for Bruce's almost passing a month previous when he was editing. I am sorry, but if you go into a coma and almost die and are very sick, and for week can't talk, or talk with a slur like you had a stroke, then when you come back to the States to be checked out by a top doctor and have numerous test and blood tests on top of that, and there is nothing found, then that means something is happening to you in the other place you live. If the cause of you passing out and almost passing away were serious then for sure they would have found something physically wrong with Bruce here at the top clinic located at UCLA at that time. Sorry to ramble on, but those are my feelings and according to the papers I have, those are the facts.

On Game of Death (updated October 2006)

1. Has Inosanto unknown GOD footage in his possesion ( like training footage in Bruce in blue jeans with nunchaku , logscene ) ?

DT: Yes, Sifu Dan does have footage, but I am held not to elaborate on it at this time. I can tell you though, Sifu Dan was given the log scene footage.

2. Now in John Little his dvd Bruce Lee: A Warriors Journey at the end Bruce comes out the Pagoda and walks away with the locksmit an arrest is being made on the Korean Boss and Bruce flies away with his familie, happy end...but in an interview George Lazenby said:' I was going to be Bruce's man that came in and saved him at the end and got him out of this - some kinda house - pyramid things with a top floor. I came in there and that was my introduction. I was like a mentor and he was super physical but i was wiser. And it was that kinda thing and i'd been mixed up in Chinese philosophy. I'd been caught up in some war or something and fallen back in to their philosophy for years in Korea or somewhere like that i think. Some monastery - i forget the exact details but he was going to introduce me in that way and i was gonna fade out again and then come in to another movie with him later. Is that also in GOD script about Lazenby who saved Bruce in the end ?

DT: No, this was not in any notes I have seen. I do believe that some of this is true and some way off. When I am aloud to post more of my notes in the near future then you can see what I have in regards to G.OD.

3. When the team arrived on the island They fight against 10,20 ore 50 Karateman ? is that also in the script ?

DT: Yes, but it is 40 men.

4. Is it true that Bruce shot a few interior scenes at Kai Tak airport for GOD ?

DT: This is only rumor, not true.

5. How much is there really being filmed for GOD ( footage ) I have read in a few books that the movie was allmost done in 73 only Lazenby has to shoot his scenes ?

DT: The film was not almost done, only some fight scenes shot.

6. Why didn't Bruce going up to the top floor, I heard it is filmed and he found a little box with a lock and than screams to the locksmit to come upstairs ?

DT: This scene was not filmed. Time, budget, whatever it was prevented Bruce from filming scenes like that. Remember, Bruce dropped everything to go film ETD. He had to fly back to Los Angeles as well for meetings with Weintraub and Heller for ETD, so he stopped filming Game.

7. When he screams out of the window is that agains the locksmit ore Lazenby and what did he say ?

DT: Forget about a locksmith and Lazenby, he was screaming for his kidnapped sister.

8. Is there in The Golden Harvest still unknown footage outthere about GOD ( Bey Logan says yes ).

DT: Yes.

9. When the 5 man enters the Pagoda, the first team member died on the first floor ( how )? and the second team member died on the second floor ( how )?...ore are the fights different ?

DT: have you seen Warriors Journey yet? Or am I not understanding your question.

10. What did say Whang In Sikh about his GOD footage with Bruce on the first floor ( there are rumours from 4 min surviving footage and he has it )and James Tien said also, in an interview you have seen nothing yet !

DT: Yes, there is more footage shot with GH cameras as well as Bruce's personal AKAI and SONY camera too.

11. When will The Inosanto notes about GOD be for the public ( in bookform ) and also the John Little notes, alltogether ??

DT: Leon, firstly let me say that Sifu Dan is a very private man, so the outing of his material may, or may not ever materialize. I know he has no plans at all in doing a G.O.D. book of any sorts, but there might be plans in doing a book on the Chinatown years, or a book on his martial arts career that will include such material. In regards to John Little, I have no contact what so ever with him now and when I did, we spoke in passing terms, nothing major. I could not tell you what he has, or has not have... You might want to contact James Bishop, he is tight with John Little.

12. Can you tell more about those drawing, fightscenes, notes etc. ?

DT: Sifu Dan Inosanto has many drawings that either have locations scenes within them, fighting scenes, inside the pagoda and outside in the New Territories. There are countless notes from Bruce laying down the structure in which he wanted to follow in regards to G.O.D. Many...

13. How much pages are there from the script all together ?

DT: I have seen 60 pages not structured by page numbers, just a variety of pages that sync together. Keep in mind that I have also seen many notes that Robert Lee has, as well as others have in regards to G.OD. Put them all together, we are looking at about 120 plus. To call that a script I would say no, but pieces of what Bruce wanted to do, I would say yes. Many interesting things there.

14. Will it ever been filmed ?

DT: Interesting you asking this. I have been approached by Bruce Khan of Korea to help in putting together a script that focuses on Bruce's real G.O.D. This guy Bruce is a great martial artist and he is the one they wanted to use for the CGI motion capture in Korea for the long awaited CGI Bruce Lee film. He moves just like Bruce, incredible. We have already scouted locations... Lets see what happens.

15. Is there any more unknown footage of Bruce in the Pagoda ( Bruce vs Whang In Sikh ) ore outside the Pagoda ( training footage )found ?... ( did you ever seen this footage )?

DT: Besides the footage I have told others here that I have seen that Robert Lee owns, Betty Ting Pei told me that she visited Bruce and other in the New Territories where they were filming outside. She said she was their on two occasions, both in which filming was involved with Bruce behind the camera and in front of the cameras. As I have stated before, Sifu Dan Inosanto told me that Bruce filmed him outside and when it came time for Bruce to be filmed that he did the filming on more than one occasion. Nagn Jai (Wu Ngan) also told me they filmed a lot of material as well. I have 20 minutes of the Nagn Jai, Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto footage / fight choreography that was filmed at Bruce's house in Kowloon for G.OD. That will be used soon in a documentary. Lets just say this, the 93 minutes of out-takes found by Bey Logan is not all the footage. I saw the footage about 8 years ago and when asked questions to certain individuals, they said that the 93 minutes of out-takes / dailies were only taken from 1 or 2 reels of footage. A certain someone told me that there were about 5 or 6 reels not touched. Locating this footage has been hard, but there are people that are trying as we speak now.

16. Will there be in the future another dvd about GOD like foto's, scriptnotes,unknown footage etc.. ore a GOD book ?

DT: Not in America, anywhere else, I do not know. There are plans in updating the Warriors Journey possibly and putting some extras on the DVD that are new and fresh to the ones that have the original Warriors doc.

17. When can we seen the footage of Bruce in his backyard with Inosanto and Ngan rehersal fightscenes for GOD ?

DT: Soon, most likely in a years time, Nicks seen it, Jan, Peer, etc. Its cool stuff. Get to hear Bruce's WAR cries in the footage...

18. When Bruce died was GOD ready to start was the whole script finished...I mean the whole storyline...ore not ?

DT: Bruce had plans to go back to work on it until WB wanted Bruce to start pre production on another project called GREEN BAMBOO, also has numerous other names to it as well. Hence, the images of Bruce in traditional costume. This images were meant to be sent back to WB for viewing. They never made it back there, but they have been coming out in recent years. They were stashed away in the Estates archive. I am afraid that Game would have been put on hold even longer. Saxon was with Bruce as pictures were taken.

19. Did Bruce filmed the groundlevel with the karateman or not ?

DT: I have only seen three guys getting knowcked around in Robert's footage by Bruce outside, but it is unclear at this time in where this footage was going to be used if all, in the G.O.D.

20. Do you know the names who had a role in the GOD movie ?

DT: I have posted notes here before with Bob Baker's name mentioned, Taky Kimura and even Sammo Hung. Did you know that Bruce's first pic for that fight scene in ETD with Sammo was originally going to go to Yuen Wah? I have Bruce's ETD script notes, many crazy things in there that never saw the light of day in the film...

21. What is the real story about GOD...and whats on the topfloor ? A Women a mirror, a treassure, nothing ?

DT: It will take forever for me to quote all the notes I have seen and I do not have the time right now, but there is no mention of a female warrior in the notes, but there are mentions of a mirror in a book in which Bruce looks in after getting to the top, realizing that he is the prize, he has conquered himself type of thing. There are variations of this in many different notes I have seen.

22. Can you post on the forum some script notes ore drawings about GOD ?

DT: I have in the past, maybe Nick can re-post them here on the forum...

23. Are there more floors being filmed secretly by Bruce ??

DT: No, not that I have seen...

Big Thanks to David Tadman and all who helped in putting this together. Thanks to Jan and to the fans who asked the questions - Leon, Andrew, Graham, Simon, Pedro, Michael & Matt. Photos Courtesy of David Tadman & George Tan.

Compiled by Nick Clarke (copyright March 2005)

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